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By Margaretd. Regina

Manchester United u21s failed to perform under the lights at Old Trafford as they dropped three points to Liverpool. Here are our player ratings for the match.

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(A score of 6 is around average)

Elyh Harrison – 7.5 – The night could have been a lot worse for United if it weren’t for Harrison. A number of big saves denied Liverpool and he couldn’t do much more for their goals, including making a top save just before their first. His ability on the ball was good as usual and allowed United to play out from the back.

Ashton Missin – 5.5 – The wingback role is still new to him and he ended up a bit lost in the middle as a result. Put in a couple of decent crosses and attacked the back post once but didn’t offer an attacking threat often enough and wasn’t strong defensively either.

Rhys Bennett – 5.5 – A decent first half but tasked with stepping into the midfield more in the second half as United chased the game but he couldn’t exert any control on the proceedings.

Sonny Aljofree – 4.5 – Was poor for Liverpool first goal as he hesitated to step out to receive the ball and then was beaten far too easily on the dribble. Ultimately he looked hesitant to challenge Liverpool’s pacey forwards and had an off day with his passing.

Louis Jackson – 5.5 – Some good bits of defending but couldn’t stop Liverpool’s relentless front three.

Sam Murray – 6 – Made some important blocks and cut out a really dangerous cross to the back post. But despite his good defensive work, he didn’t offer much in attack, especially as a wingback.

Zach Baumann – 6.5 – One of the better performers, he had a solid performance with a couple of tackles in midfield and kept the ball well with quick short passing.

Maxi Oyedele – 4.5 – Was too slow and casual on the ball which led to United’s play fizzling out in attack and his loose pass led to Liverpool’s first goal. Also had the chance of the match for United with a wide open shot from 12 yards but put it well over the bar.

Ruben Curley – 5.5 – A mixed bag, some good passes to open the play up but also sloppy on the ball at times.

Ethan Ennis – 6 – One of the more lively players for United, his dribbling was very impressive at times as he took on defender after defender but ultimately didn’t get his head up quick enough on too many occasions to capitalise on any of the openings he created.

Charlie McNeill – 6 – A hardworking performance, he pressed Liverpool from the front and almost created a goal for himself but couldn’t sort his feet out to apply the finish. Didn’t have much in the way of supply beyond that.


Ethan Williams – 6 – Offered a bit more thrust in attack and had one good shot but had little support by the end as United’s attacking impetus fizzled out.

James Nolan – 5.5 – A rather forgettable cameo as he did little to alter the match.

James Scanlon – N/A – Didn’t have much time to make an impact.

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