Rachel Maddow Blasts Buffoonish Trump For Falling Asleep In Court

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By Margaretd. Regina

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow blasted Trump and called him “buffoonish” for falling asleep during his criminal trial.


Maddow said:

I do not know if he was asleep. It is possible he was, you know, meditating or, or just resting his eyes or something. I don’t know. But like that’s those headlines, you know, on the front page of the New York Times front page of The Washington Post, front page of the Huffington Post front page of multiple news outlets today coming out of this, that Trump appeared to fall asleep on the first day of his trial. Those are gonna stick. I mean, I know it’s not the most important legal thing, but we are in the middle of a campaign and you know, the age issue is the main thing the Trump campaign wants to use against his opponent, the whole sleepy Joe thing. This is, as you said, Ari this is the most historic thing that Donald Trump has ever done. No president ever has no former president ever has
been a criminal defendant and on day one, the headlines coming out of it or that he appeared to doze off.

And to me that’s just, I mean, it’s, it’s insane. It’s also a reminder of how, how, how scary, however scary and, and, and somber and important. This is we’re also dealing with somebody who is just fundamentally buffoonish and this will be as much a reminder of that as it is of all the more serious things here that are at stake. You know, this is a guy, this is, we’ve already had mentions today of like the one alleged mistress and the other alleged mistress and the doorman who is making the allegations about the alleged love child with the third alleged mistress. And then, I mean, and the the crux of this is not who he slept with. The crux of this is his alleged criminal conspiracy with the National Enquirer.

I mean, this really is a fundamentally buffoonish person, and this will center that in the mind of the American people in a way that you know him staying awake in court today might have might have diverted. But this is what we’ve got. You go to, you go to the election with the candidates, you have.

Rachel Maddow was correct. Falling asleep in court will do lingering political damage to Trump. It will stick in the minds of voters and be the top takeaway from day one of his trial.

Trump is a buffoon, but he is a dangerous buffoon who is seeking to destroy US democracy.

The case itself should remind people of all of the criminality, drama, and chaos that comes along with Trump where ever he goes.

America tried a buffoonish Trump presidency, and the result was a crashed economy and a million people dead from a bungled presidential pandemic response.

When Donald Trump gets anywhere near power, things get worse for regular people, and his courtroom napping is one of many reasons why Trump should not be returned to the White House.

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