Rebecca Ferguson Says Lots Of Previous Co-Stars Have Called Annoyed About Her Vague Screaming Accusation!

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By Margaretd. Regina

Apparently, Rebecca Ferguson’s vague claims about the horrible treatment she faced on a film set caused many of her former co-stars to panic! So much so that they complained to her about it!

As we previously reported, the actress shared on Reign with Josh Smith in February that a former castmate would scream at her on set, in front of the whole crew, to the point where she would break down in tears. Her story immediately sent the internet into a tailspin, with people — and even her former Hercules co-star Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson — trying to figure out which A-lister it could have been.

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Rebecca was very careful not to name names, making sure not to even say a specific pronoun. The only clue we got was that the film’s star was “number one on the call sheet.” Plus, she confirmed it wasn’t Hugh Jackman or Tom Cruise. Her The Girl on the Train co-star, Emily Blunt, also came out and denied it was her! What we don’t have, unfortunately, is the actual culprit narrowed down yet. The person remains a mystery to this day!

While Rebecca kept their identity a secret, her confession still has her former co-stars shook! And they even called her in frustration about the frenzy she created! She said on The Jess Cagle Show on Friday:

“I was not expecting that, by the way. Yes, I kind of enjoyed the grab. But what I realized — even at the age that I am now, 21 — it doesn’t matter. When you’re sitting through interviews and you … because I’m me, right? I definitely think that I’m much more open, I also know where my boundaries are.”

She did not expect her comments to blow up? Seriously? The Dune star continued:

“But the point of the interview wasn’t about finding the person, of course people would be interested. But what I was excited about the question, it was a very good question by [Josh Smith], because the point was: Is there a point in your career where you were treated in a way where you changed your decision on either — this is how I formulated it in myself — you want change, or you will not accept it, et cetera. And it was such a clear moment for me, working with this person.”

Of course, her former castmates were not thrilled about her comments. However, Rebecca does not “care” what any of them think. She expressed:

“I got phone calls from amazing costars who I’ve worked with, going, ‘You understand what you’ve done, right?’ And I was like, ‘Oh my God. No, I didn’t, I didn’t think.’ I mean, it’s not my responsibility, to be honest, I don’t really care. ‘You’re great,’ but my story’s my story and if you’re a good person, then don’t worry about it.”

Well said, girl! Now, we have to wonder who called her! As for the main person in question? Again, she is not exposing the star at this time. But hosts Jess Cagle and Julia Cunningham did throw out the name Meryl Streep, who worked with Rebecca on Florence Foster Jenkins. To which the Mission: Impossible star joked:

“Damn it. I didn’t think it was going to come out.”

So could we officially scratch Meryl off the list? Hmm…

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