Trump Shows Serious Signs Of Cognitive Decline At Pennsylvania Rally

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By Margaretd. Regina

At one point, Donald Trump spoke something that wasn’t words as his mind trailed off during a campaign stop in Pennsylvania.

Trump said, “Just last week it was reported that an illegal adlinthin– and you just look at thisss, what’s happening”


Trump also called a magazine a magastine, but at least that was sort of close to a word:

Trump thinks that he is his own best political and legal advocate, but his cognitive abilities have declined to such a degree that even when his rally speeches are scripted, he can’t form words anymore. Donald Trump doesn’t make sense.

Joe Biden may get words confused from time to time, but they are actual words in the English language. Trump is trying to say words, but sometimes unintelligible gibberish comes out of his mouth.

Donald Trump appears to be in some fort of serious cognitive decline, and the nation’s media needs to stop being so afraid of what is right in front of their eyes.
Trump won’t release his medical records. His father had dementia, and the ex-president is exhibiting symptoms that suggest something is seriously cognitively wrong with the presumptive nominee for the Republican presidential nomination.

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